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◘ Click on the link to navigate to the vote page.
◘ By voting, you receive keys to use in game at /warp crates.
◘ You can get free fly, in game money, ranks and a bunch of other goodies from voting.



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Content Creator Application

YouTube Application Format and Requirements Requirements: ♫ Quality Content♫ 100+ Subscribers♫ 25+ Views on videos♫ Made at least 1 video of Quantum Galaxies♫ Upload 1 video about the server every month In return for your services/partnership: ♫ A YouTuber rank♫ Mars Rank permissions and permissions on Discord♫ We share your video across all Social Media platforms Complete this short form to apply.  Pipes...

Staff Application

Staff Application Application Information: Please take the time to read over this page carefully. This application is for the staff position of Helper only. We do not accept applications for Mods, Developers or Admins. You must start off as Helper and prove yourself to be promoted to a higher position. We will not be making...

Player of the Month

Player of the Month Each month we will post a new thread on forums and throughout the month players can suggest their favourite “Player of the Month“. Around the 25th of each month, the most suggested players will be selected and staff will vote on them. This will take place in staff chat. The Player...

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