Vanilla Gamemode Tutorial

Version: The main version is 1.16.4
 1.8.9 – latest
Recommended Version:

How to get started:


• When you join for the first time, you receive tools, and a few items. Use those to get more resources.

• Type /rtp (random teleport) to teleport you into the wild. From there you can find a place to claim. The map is big, and it increases every 3 months, so it is advised not to claim near the (already overcrowded) rtp area. 

• Type /kit starter to get basic tools. This wont last you very long or really protect you, so make sure to not be out at night.

• Claim a piece of land so that you can /sethome as soon as you can. /kit claim will give you a golden shovel. You can claim land by right clicking with the golden shovel on a block and right click on the opposite side of an area again to claim the middle blocks. For a short tutorial on claiming, see this video

How to earn money on Vanilla:

Vanilla’s currency is diamonds and it has no server /shop, however, this is good news, because it means you can set up a player shop and provide players with items that aren’t easily available. 

You can make money (diamonds) the following ways:

✦ Open crates
✦ Sell items on /ah
✦ Mine for diamonds
✦ Sell Player Points 
✦ Create a Chest-Shop
✦ Win chat reaction games

What are claimblocks and how do I get them?

○ Claimblocks allow you to claim land. No one will be able to edit anything inside your claim without your permission. You start out with 200 claimblocks. The first time you place a chest, it will automatically create a 9×9 claim surrounding the chest.
○ You can get more claimblocks by playing, buying them on the donation store, and by winning them from the vote crates via /vote.
○ You also get claimblocks from vote crates and Legendary crates.
○ Players can also use /trade to trade claimblocks with others.
○ You can also use /buyclaimblocks to buy more claimblocks. They are 1 diamond each. 

How do I rank up?

• When you /vote in game, you receive keys which you can use at /warp crates. In the crates are rank-vouchers. So by voting, you stand a chance to win free ranks.

• If you already have the rank you won, or have a higher rank than the rank-voucher, you can sell the voucher for in-game money or player points. Use /ah or /trade or advertise on Discord, market-square channel. 
• You can buy ranks from /pointsshop.

• Additionally, you can support the server by purchasing ranks (and other items) at our donations store.

What do I receive when I vote?

◘ On each site you vote, you will receive vote keys in game to use at /warp crates on all gamemodes.
◘ You also receive player points, which can be used to buy any items in-game which players might be selling, such as tags and ranks. Player points are worth a lot, because they are rare and very valuable/useful.
◘ See /pointsshop for the server’s pointsshop. 

What are Player Points? How to get them and use them?

• Player Points are a global currency throughout the server, but can have different in-game value depending on the gamemode.
• On each site you vote, you receive Player Points (usually referred to as PP by players).
• Players also sell PP in game via the /points pay (name) (amount) command, for an agreed upon in-game amount of money.
• We (Quantum Galaxies) also offer PP as one of the rewards for the winners of Events.
• You can view your current amount of Player Points by doing /points me in game.
• You can view another player’s Player Points by doing /points look (name) in game.
• Depending on the seller, you can literally buy anything in game with Player Points.
• Player Points are mostly used to purchase rank vouchers from other players.
• Use /trade for all trading, player points included.

Players scamming or trying to scam with Player Points, rank vouchers or anything else, will be banned.

Use /trade for safe trading. See this video on trading.

Is Keep Inventory on?

♥ Keep Inventory is not on.
♥ You will lose your items upon death.
♥ We have keep inventory off so that you actually have consequences for death.
♥ Thus, making you take more care in how to best “survive.”
♥ If you do die, staff will not teleport you to your deathpoint but you may do /deathback and it will show you the coordinates of your last death, making it easier for you to have a chance at retrieving your items.
♥ You have to navigate to the coordinates yourself. If the chunks aren’t loaded, your items wont despawn. However, if someone is there, loading the chunks, it might despawn unless its picked up within 5 minutes. 

Can I kill other players, or can other players kill me?

☺ Yes, other players can kill you. However, since we are a server that values a peaceful and friendly community, PvP is allowed only if both players agree to fight each other.
☺ It is against our rules to attack someone without provocation, without agreement and with intent to steal their items. You may toggle your PvP on and off using /pvp (on/off).
☺ We do not replace items, so be careful when PvPing. 
☺ Please note that TP trapping and/or TP killing is bannable. 

Is griefing or raiding allowed?

• Griefing and raiding is never allowed, even if it seems the base is abandoned or if the player is banned.

• Villages may not be griefed/raided. Claim the village or part of it until you can claim the entire village.

• Do not steal/transport villagers. This will result in punishment.

Can I have a Player Warp?

☻ You can purchase a player warp by typing /pw set [name].
☻ Warps costs 25 diamonds and you have to rent your warp for 30 days. You will be prompted on day 29 to renew your warp. If you do not renew it, your warp will expire.
☻ When a player is offline for longer than 30 days, their warps will be purged/removed automatically.

☻ After purchasing a warp, you can create your warp by typing [Welcome] on the top row of a sign.Place the sign where you want the warp to be.

Can I have a Chest-Shop and how do I create it?

♦ You can create a chest-shop to sell any items.
♦ To view the example, do /warp playershoptutorial.

How big is the vanilla map?

♠ As of 17 May 2021, the Overworld has a radius of 30 000 blocks. It will be increased at the end of May with 5k. 
♠ The Nether and the End both have a radius of 20000 blocks.
♠ The nether and end does not reset and we will increase the Overworld, End and Nether every 3 months.

How do I get Spawners?

• You can get spawners in mineshafts, strongholds, and in the nether.
• By voting you can win spawners or spawn eggs.
• Lucky and Legendary crates also have spawners in them.
• Legendary crate keys are available only from the donations store and sometimes sold by a player who bought it from the /store.
• Remember to check /ah or /pwarp to check out player shops.


You cannot mine spawners on Vanilla. Therefor, if you want the spawners you find in the wild, you have to claim the area around them. 

Other basic commands on Vanilla:

/guide opens the Server Guide.
/bank help for all the bank commands.
/sethome to set a home.
/delhome to delete a home.
/abandonclaim to abandon your claim.
/trust and /untrust to trust/untrust players on your claim.
/kit (rank), /kit claim/kit starter to get kits.
/party create (name) to create a party chat.
/chat to toggle public/party chat.
/bp to open your backpack.
/petblock to open the pet gui.
   ◘ xp

   ◘ end
   ◘ crates
   ◘ auction
   ◘ nether
   ◘ enchant
   ◘ playershoptutorial
   ◘ market

/store for the store url.
/vote for the vote url.
/buy for a quick store view.
/aach list to open the Achievements GUI
/discord for Discord url.
/claimlist to see existing claims and available claimblocks
/pwarp to open the Player Warps GUI
/sit to sit wherever you are
[money] to show your balance in chat
[inv] to show your inventory
[ender] to show your enderchest
[item] to show the item in your hand
[/guide] or any other command typed within [] can be copied when clicked on.

Useful Information:

◙ You can get fly vouchers in the vote crates. Do /vote to vote and /warp crates to open crates. 
◙ You can also buy fly vouchers in the /pointsshop
◙ Pluto Rank [limited edition] has permanent fly on Vanilla.
◙ For rank permissions, see the store
◙ Put a sign on any chest to make it private.
◙ For OP pickaxes and other tools and armor, see store
◙ For a tutorial on Pipes and Elevators, see this video
◙ Warp to /warp market to shop around, rent a shop and set up a Player-Shop. 



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