Skyblock Gamemode Tutorial

Version: The main version is 1.15.2
Supports: 1.8.9 – latest
Recommended Version: 1.15.2

Getting started:

Start your island venture by typing /is create.

Read the descriptions when choosing an island type, then click to select. 
You will be teleported to your new island after selecting an island type. 

Collect some resources on your island to either sell at /shop (you can also do /sell hand or /sell all) or to make tools and armor. Don’t forget to create a cobblestone generator so that you can expand your island for free. 

You will find helpful items in the chest. If you need anything, you can either /vote and will find money and other resources from the crates (/warp crates) or do /shop and try buying what you’re looking for. 

Remember to plant seeds, so that you don’t run out of food!

Make a nether portal to go to the nether. You have a spawner there. Don’t try to mine it without silk touch and a Saturn ranked player.

You can also access the end once through the nether portal, but its a very small “skyblock end”, without the dragon and end cities, however, you will find an elytra there. 

How to let friends play on your island:

Do /is team coop to give a friend temporary access to help you. 
Do /is team invite to make your friend a permanent member of your island. 
Do /is team setowner to make your friend the owner of the island. 
For more /is team settings, do /is team help. 

Allowing access to your island is entirely in your hands. 

Do /is settings to open a GUI which is completely controlled by you. 

Here you can lock your island, so that Visitors can’t tp to you if you prefer, or click on Basic or Advanced Settings for more settings. For instance, you can choose if trusted members can breed animals on your island or if cooped members can use a shear, etc. It’s entirely up to you what you want to allow others to do. 

In the screenshot on the left: Visitor, cooped and trusted players cannot hurt your animal (sheep, horses, etc), but Members, Co-owner and owner can

Random and Useful Skyblock Commands:

◘ Use /menu for a helpful GUI, opening other commands and settings. 
◘ You can give your island a name, by typing /is setname [name]
◘ You also have sethomes, depending on your rank. Do /is sethome [name]
◘ To be teleported to your island instantly, type /is or /is go
◘ Do /is challenges to complete challenges for rewards. 
◘ To see your MCMMO rank, type /mcrank.
◘ For 100% safe trading, use /trade [name]. You can trade with money, experience, playerpoints and any item. Do not use any other method for trading, since you can scam or be scammed (which is bannable). 
◘ /tpa [name], /tpahere [name] (rank dependent) allows you to teleport to players or request them to teleport to you. /tpyes or /tpaccept to accept the request or ignore or type /tpdeny to deny the request. 
◘ Use /ah to buy items or even rank vouchers which other players are selling. 
◘ To see your balance, you can do /balance or /balance [player] to see someone else’s balance. And /baltop will show you the top balances for Skyblock. 
◘ For permanent island fly, you can either buy it on the /store and then use /is fly, or if your rank has permanent fly (on the entire server), you can use /fly
◘ To change your island biome, use /island biome and select the biome you prefer. 
◘ Saturn Rank+ can change spawner types by holding the spawner and typing /ss change [type]. Types that can be changed: sheep, cow, zombie, skeleton, pig, chicken, witch.

Creating an island warp: 

Your island level needs to be at least 100 in order to create an island warp. You get more levels by placing blocks with high value on your island (or any blocks). 

You can see the value of a block by holding it in your hand and typing /is value. Dirt is for instance 3, whereas a diamond block is 300.

Do /is level to see your new level after placing blocks. 
/is top will open a GUI with the top islands (according to levels). 

When your island level is 100+, you can place a wooden sign where you want the warp, and in the first line of the sign, type only [Welcome]. This will automatically be your island warp and the warp will be called /is warp [your name] and will appear under /is warps. 


Typing /warp will open a GUI with server warps. 

To sell items on the Auction house, hold the item in your hand and type: /ah sell [price] [amount]
This mine resets after the while, but you can get as many blocks as you want to, to either increase your island size and level, or to sell for money. 
Use the keys you got from voting or the store to open crates. 
Warp here to kill mobs for XP. 
Don’t pvp if you aren’t prepared to lose your tools/armor. We do not replace items.
Take lapis and go here to enchant items. 
Here you can win or lose a lot of money. Have fun. 
Player added community farm where you can get mob drops and experience. 
Chestshoptutorial: Warp here for useful instructions on how to create your own chest shop.

You do not have to enable PvP when you do /warp pvp. It is automatically enabled. Just as PvP is automatically disabled on your island. For your own safety, do not change that. 

How to get a rank? 

✦ You can buy ranks with player points, which you receive when you /vote.
✦ Do /vote in game, and /pointsshop to see available ranks.
✦ To view your playerpoints, do /points me in game.
✦ You can also buy ranks from players. Use #market-square on Discord or /ah in game.
✦ We also do a lot of give-aways, so make sure to get the give-away role in Discord and check out the give-away channel.
✦ Alternatively, please support the server by purchasing a rank via the

Island Upgrades:

○ You can type /upgrades to open the Island Upgrade GUI. 
○ Here you can upgrade the following with in-game money:

  – Island size
  – Generators
  – Members
  – Sethomes

○ For further island size upgrades, see the /store.

Helpful Video Tutorials



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