Prison Gamemode Tutorial

Version: The main version is 1.16.5
Supports: 1.8.9 – latest
Recommended Version: 1.16.5

Quantum Galaxies Prison is similar to other prison servers, and yet also different in many ways. An overview of what the Prison gamemode is:

You will spawn without much. You’re the newest prisoner and you need to create your gang and rule the prison. If you don’t, another gang will rule and you’ll never earn respect. You have to /rankup in the prison system, until you reach the top and you can be a real boss, bullying the new prisoners and taking their stuff. You will have some freedom and space, according to your global rank. The higher the rank, the more plots (prison cells) you get and you can merge them. 


In the spawn world, you’ll find almost everything you need, such as:

◘ Mine A [warp a] which everyone starts at, no matter the global rank. 
◘ The Shop [warp shop] or /shop, to purchase everything your Prison rank has access to. As you rankup in the prison system, you get access to more shops. 
◘ Crates [warp crates] where you can open your keys, received from voting or purchased from the store
◘ You can enchant your items at [warp enchant]
◘ See the rank permissions at [warp ranks]
◘ See the Leaderboard at [warp stats]

Other warps that are not in the spawn world, but you have access to:

◘ You need to eat, so you may use the prison farm at [warp farm]. Here you can also sell extra food. 

◘ Warp to [warp chestshoptutorial] to see how to create your own chestshop. Who knows what you want to trade in, but in case you want to, you have that option. 
◘ If you like fishing, you can do [warp fishing] to try your luck or just relax a bit. Prison life is tough. 
◘ You need to sleep and have a place to hide your loot, so you can do [warp plot64] and then do [plot auto] or find an empty cell and do [plot claim] inside the plot. More permissions listed below.
◘ This warp deserves a special mention, because it’s a hangout place for the guards, officers and warden. You will find many easy ways to make money (or lose some) at /warp tavern. More detail below. 

Now prison life can get boring if you don’t want to stab people and take their clothes every day. And you cant just dig around in the prison yard and fish, so you can keep yourself busy with the following games: 

◘ [warp parkour] to jump around endlessly and flex about your selfie on the wall. 
◘ [warp potato] is a tag or hot potato game. The more people who play, the more fun it is. Run around in the prison yard and try not to get tagged (be a hot potato). 

◘ Do [warp quests] to do some daily and/or weekly quests for money and other rewards. 
◘ Visit spawn and go to the prisoner [NPC] called “Achievements” to see which achievements you can do for some extra prison goodies. 

When you have enough money to level up or rankup in the prison system, do /rankup. This will give you access to the next prison yard (mine) and also additional shops. Explained below.

How to rank up and what are the ranks?

We have our usual global ranks Mercury – Neptune, which come with their own perks. For those you can Rank Up using Vouchers, which can be found in game, either in the Crates, Store or in our /PointsShop.

If you decide to Rank Up using the Store, you get some additional goodies and you also help us support the server. All the rank perks are listed on the store.

Additionally we have Prison Mine Ranks aka Levels, which go from A-J and then 6 Prestige Ranks, P1-P6.

You start at Level A. You have access to the Mine A. You mine there and sell the resources you get to earn money to Rank Up to Level B. Once you ranked up to Level B, you now have access to the Mine B. You mine and sell the resources to Rank Up to Level C and so on…

Once you have reached Level J, you can now Prestige by using the /prestige command. Each Mine has different resources and selling prices.

You Rank Up to a higher Level by using the /rankup command.

You can do /warp shop in game and go to the OTHERS section, which will show you what each additional level gives you in the shop. For instance, when you ranked up to Mine/Level B, you can now access /shop mineb and purchase stone, cobblestone and crafted items, which isn’t in the default /shop all players can access. 



Get player points by voting for our server. You can buy 3 ranks with player points, or some special effects/permissions. You can also purchase bigger plots from the /pointsshop


Use the /trade option for safely trading xp, player points, vouchers, ranks and money. This eliminate scamming 100%, so if you get scammed, we will not replace the loss. Scammers however will be banned.

More Info:

• When you join you have access to 1 x 64×64 Plot.
• For more or bigger plots use the Crates, PointsShop or the Store.
Each Prison Rank/Level comes with access to their own Shop (e.g. /shop minea).
• Playtime Rewards: You get rewarded 1 Player Point for each hour of playtime.
• Spawner Limit per Chunk: 15
• Hopper Limit per Chunk: 60
• You can afk 30 minutes without being kicked, unless you are Neptune rank [no afk kick].

• Auto pickup is enabled, meaning when you’re mining, it goes straight to your inventory. 
• Everyone has access to /sell all, no matter the rank, so use /sell all to sell the items in your inventory. Be careful not to sell useful items. Use /sell hand for the item you’re holding. 
• Night vision is toggled on by default in the spawn/pvp area. Use /pweather and /ptime to toggle time and weather for your player in the plot world. 

List of General Commands:

/guide – opens this guide
/spawn – teleports you back to spawn
/balance – states the current balance of a player
/sethome – sets home at current location
/delhome – removes a sethome
/home – teleports you to a sethome
/kit player – gives you the starter kit
/kit (rank) – gives you your rank’s kit
/warp: a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,p1,p2,p3,p4,p5,p6 (for mine warps)


/aach list – display received and missing achievements
/aach top – display personal and global rankings
/aach book – receive your achievements book
/aach stats – display amount of received achievements
/aach toggle- toggle achievements of other players


/as – enables/disabled autosell
OP permission but almost completely removes the explosive effect from pickaxes (because it has to calculate/add to your balance) continuously. 


/bounty – sets a bounty on a player
/bounties – shows current bounties
/hunters – opens the hunter leaderboard


/ah – opens the auction menu
/ah sell – list the item you are holding on an auction
/ah listed – view and manage the items you are selling
/ah expired – view and manage your canceled and expired items

Death & Kill Effects:

/de – opens death effects gui
/de clear – clears current death effect
/ke – opens kill effects gui
/ke clear – clears current kill effect

Rainbow Armor:

/disco – activates your Disco powers


/duel – challange someone to a duel
/duel accept/deny – accepts or denies a duel request
/duel stats – displays your duel stats
/duel toggle – toggles receiving duel requests
/duel top wins/losses – displays top wins, losses


/es – toggle edit sign mode


/rename – rename the item you are holding



/g list – list of all gangs
/g top – gang leaderboard
/g info – specified gang’s statistics
/g create – create a gang
/g disband – disband your gang
/g invite – invite a player to your gang
/g uninvite – cancel player’s invitation




/plot auto – claim the nearest plot
/plot claim – claim the plot you are standing in
/plots clear – clears everything you have done on the plot
/plots delete – deletes the plot with everything on it and removes it from your name
/plots kick – kick a player from your plot
/plots deny – deny a user from entering
/plots home – sets or removes the plot home
/plots info – displays plot info
/plots merge – the plot you are standing on with another plot
/plots middle – finds the center of your plot 
/plots rate – rate a plot
/plots set biome – change your plot’s biome
/plots set home – set home on your plot
/plots trust – trusts another player
/plots visit (other) – visit others

Sidebar / Scoreboard:

/tm scoreboard toggle – Shows/hides the scoreboard on the right

Toggle the mentions in game (your name pops up on the screen):

/interactivechat mentiontoggle – Enable/disable mentions

Show items, inventory and enderchest in chat:

Type [item] in chat to show off the item in your hand!
Type [inv] in chat to show off your inventory
Type [ender] and you guessed it! Show your ender chest!


Common Crates:
This crate gives money, bombs, fly vouchers, spawner voucher, and other valuable items. Receive keys by voting and use them at /warp crates. 

Important: Common keys are virtual (you cannot see/exchange them).
Type /crate keys to see how many keys you have. 

Combat Crates:
You have a rare chance to get combat crate keys from the vote crate and a better chance from getting them from the Legendary crate. You can also purchase them from the store
This crate gives special armor, envoy calls, kill/death effect and other useful combat items. 

Legendary Crates:
This is a paid crate. All the items are useful and if you don’t want to use them, you can sell them on /ah. They aren’t common or easily found elsewhere. 

Player Vaults:

Default Players have access to a PV with 9 slots. Make sure to store your items in /pv 1 or an enderchest, found at /spawn, if you’re going to PvP. 
The higher the rank, the more player vaults you get and they also increase in size. More PV’s can be bought also from the store. 

Auction House:

Default Players can sell 5 items at a time and ranked players can sell more, depending on their rank. Do not throw items away. Everything is valuable. Use /ah sell [amount] [quantity] with the item/s in your hand to put them on auction.


Unranked players have access to /kit player, which you can get every 30 seconds. They can also mine and sell the items and use /store and /warp enchant to buy armor, tools, pvp necessities and enchant them.

Ranked players have a longer cooldown on their kits, depending on their ranks. Access your kit with the command /kit [rank name].

Warp Tavern:

This is the hangout place for the prison staff. Who wouldn’t want to drink after a day working with hardened criminals and gangsters?

◘ Here you can make easy money at the slot machines. You can win from 2k to 40k. 

◘ Also visit Carlos, who’s the bartender and loves to play gamble games. Catch him on a good day and double your bet! (100k !!)

◘ You can start a Coinflip game by clicking on the Coinflip NPC, and select “Create Game”. Select the amount you wish to bet/gamble and start a game. You can also remove it again. Just follow the instructions in the GUI. When someone else opens it, they’ll be invited to play against you, and if they accept, they either win/lose against you. 

Rank Permissions

You can either view all the rank permissions by going to the store, clicking on the rank name and then more information or view the permissions at /warp ranks. 



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