Survival Netherite Tutorial

Version: The main version is 1.18.1
Supports: 1.8.9 – latest
Recommended Version: 1.18.1

Survival Netherite is a Survival server with a lot of extras.


It has custom enchants, freely available to voters, mythic and custom mobs, a few bosses, minions, a server shop and a beautiful and large customized world.


It also has a balanced economy, auto collect shulkers, backpacks, trading, spawner type changing, 2 hour daily vote fly and the best of all.. Keep inventory is ON.


On your first join, you start with a few basic items. Use those to get started and to collect more resources.


You can do /warp to see the warps you can teleport to. If you’re at Netherite spawn, you can do /rtp to be teleported into the wild.

Type /kit to claim your available kits. You can claim your kit/s weekly.


If you need help claiming your land, type /claiming. Remember to /sethome where you claim.


What are claimblocks and how do I get them?


○ Claimblocks allow you to claim land. No one will be able to edit anything inside your claim without your permission. You start out with 200 claimblocks. The first time you place a chest, it will automatically create a 9×9 claim surrounding the chest.

○ You can get more claimblocks by playing, buying them on the donation store, and by winning them from the vote crates via /vote.

○ You also get claimblocks from vote crates.

○ Players can also use /trade to trade claimblocks with others. 


◘ All players have access to the /minions store

◘ The amount of minions you can place, depends on your rank. Default (unranked) players can only place 1. 

See the amount of minions you can place on the webstore, under ranks. Click on each rank for more information for that rank.

◘ Read more about minions here.  

Custom Enchants are available to everyone, but you have to work a bit for them. There’s no fun in having the max upgraded items on the first day you join, is there? 


Enchanting is explained at the NPC at /warp Enchant-Netherite.

Normal Vanilla enchants are available as always from /shop, villagers & enchanttables, but custom enchant books can be found in the Unique crates.


You can get keys from the vote crates and it your /kit, as well as the /store


You can use /reforge to buff items, even without extra enchants. You can find a lot of awesome gear in the Unique crates, and buff them up even more. Most can be enchanted and reforged. 

Make sure to read more at the NPC.



How to rank up and what are the ranks?

We have our usual global ranks Mercury – Pluto, which come with their own perks. For those you can Rank Up using Vouchers, which can be found in game, either in the Crates, Store or in our /PointsShop.

If you decide to Rank Up using the Store, you get some additional goodies and you also help us support the server. All the rank perks are listed on the store.




Netherite Survival has custom mobs and a few bosses. They are mostly found in the /rtp area, so if you don’t want to be poisoned by a bunch of witches or chased by dwarfs, it’s best to build outside that zone. RTP area is up to 7500 and -7500. The Netherite overworld is 20 000 and -20 000. 



Use the /trade option for safely trading xp, player points, vouchers, ranks and money. This eliminate scamming 100%, so if you get scammed, we will not replace the loss. Scammers however will be banned.

Can I Have A Player Warp?

☻ You can create a player warp by typing /pw set [name] where you want the warp to be.

☻ When a player is offline for longer than 90 days, their warps will be purged/removed automatically.

☻ Type /pwarp help for a list of all the playerwarp commands.

☻ You can only warp to a playerwarp in the same world as you, so if you are in Netherite, you cannot warp to a pwarp in Emerald. You will need to do /warp Emerald and then use /pwarp

Can I Have A Chest-Shop?

♦ You can create a chest-shop to sell any items.

♦ To view the example, do /warp playershoptutorial.


How Do I Get Spawners?

• You can find them in the nether, and in the wild, but they can only be mined with a special pickaxe bought from the store.
• You can also get spawners from the crates.

• Netherite crate keys are available only from the donations store and sometimes sold by a player who bought it from the /store.

• Remember to check /ah or /pwarp to check out player shops.



€┃$ Money Currency

○ This is the main currency and you can get it from crates, as playtime rewards, from selling items to players on /ah and from selling to the server /shop.

○ Other than that, players can sell anything on /ah and create a chest-shop. This is the currency used in the chest-shops.



○ Playerpoints is a global currency throughout the server, but can have different in-game value depending on the gamemode. On each site/url you vote, you will receive Playerpoints (usually referred to as PP by players). You can earn between 1-5 playerpoints from each vote sit.

○ You can buy ranks and tags with playerpoints by using the /pointsshop. You can also use /trade and pay with playerpoints.

Activity Points


○ A-Points are shown on your scoreboard and not really a currency, but rather a reward system.

○ You cannot buy, sell or trade A-points, but you get rewarded for actions when you reach certain milestones. 

○ Use /activepoints and /activitymilestones to learn  more about the actions and rewards. 



Everyone has a backpack, but the size depends on the rank. 

If yours get ‘lost’, you can type /bp

You do not lose the content when you die. 

Backpacks are like an extra chest or shulker box that can be in your inventory or not. 


Auto Collect Shulkers


These can be found in the crates and instead of emptying your inventory into shulkers and sorting them out later, the auto shulkers automatically collects your items. 

If you have 10 shulkers with different block types each, you can mine and not worry about sorting your inventory or items. 

Sidebar / Scoreboard:

/sb toggle – Shows/hides the scoreboard on the right


Toggle the mentions in game (your name pops up on the screen):

/interactivechat mentiontoggle – Enable/disable mentions


Show items, inventory and enderchest in chat:

Type [item] in chat to show off the item in your hand!
Type [inv] in chat to show off your inventory
Type [ender] and you guessed it! Show your ender chest!



Vote Crates:

This crate gives shop modifiers (special prices on the /shop), special potions, auto shulkers, tags, money, claimblocks, spawn eggs, builder + sell wands, XP, rank vouchers, keys, Voter’s boxes, spawner and other vouchers.

You can’t get /fly in the crate, but from voting, you will receive 2 hours fly daily, not matter your rank.

Unique Crate

Keys are commonly available in kits and from vote crates, as well as the /store.

This crate contains special armor sets. Some has to be worn as a set, others can be worn individually. Most of these can be reforged and special enchants can be added.

You can also find special tools with custom enchants, as well as extra blocks, flower, and more. For these you need the server texture pack.

You can find shards, crystals, talisman and some special items, all that can buff up your tools or armor. There are also a lot of custom enchant books, which you can use anvils for.

Type /enchantinfo (name of enchant) for more info on the enchant.


Netherite Crate

Shop modifiers, OP potion mixes, special tools special items, items with potion effects when worn, auto collect shulker boxes, donator’s boxes, spawner changing box, armor crystal and shard boxes, money, tags, claimblocks, special eggs, spawners, rank books, keys, chunk loaders, and buffs (extra enchants) for your gear.


Auction House:

Default Players can sell 5 items at a time and ranked players can sell more, depending on their rank. Do not throw items away. Everything is valuable. Use /ah sell [amount] [quantity] with the item/s in your hand to put them on auction.



If you find someone to pvp against, you can use /warp pvp.


If you would like to battle mobs, you can type /ma join to enter the Mob arena. There you need to choose one of the kits. You cannot use your own gear.


If you would like to fight against non-vanilla mobs or possibly some bosses, you will need to find them in the Netherite world. They take a few seconds longer than vanilla mobs to spawn, so don’t move too fast through the world.


Some mobs give a lot of diamond and iron blocks when you kill them.



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