Minecraft Server Rules

Players that have a longer history of breaking rules and persists to break them, can be subject to longer and more severe punishments.
This includes permanent mutes, bans, or IP bans. 

You can check your punishment history, and histories of others’ here: Punishments

Fellowship Rules

• Be respectful to your fellow players and staff members.
• Be considerate of the feelings and opinions of others.
• Do not call others names or say something with the intent to hurt their feelings.
• Respect the decisions and requests of staff.

Do not instigate fights/arguments. Examples include, but are not limited to the following:

○ Causing unnecessary drama or disturbances in chat
○ Bringing up controversial or sensitive subjects

• • • We strive to be a friendly community, incessant trolls and troublemakers will be dealt with accordingly. • • •

Global Chat Rules and Guidelines

1. Harassment, racism, sexism, and discrimination will not be tolerated:

• Harassment is, but not limited to, any of the following:
•• Creating a hostile environment
•• Threats
•• Retaliating against another player or staff; no matter what they did to you, let the staff team handle the situation.
•• Intimidation
•• Sexual Harassment
•• Sexual advances
•• Inappropriate Sexual jokes or comments
•• Sharing links that lead to pornographic content
•• Racist remarks
•• Stalking
•• Bullying
•• Causing psychological or emotional harm to someone.
•• Spreading rumors, whether true or false
•• Asking personal information in chat
•• Telling players to kill themselves or making jokes about it

2. Do not spam

• Spamming may include, but is not limited to the following:

•• Using lots of repetitive characters.
However, “heyyyy” would be acceptable.

•• Copypastas, song lyrics in excess, etc.
•• Sending messages in multiple lines. Example:


•• Quick repetitive messages.
•• Bold, colored text if used in excess.
•• Spamming selling/shop items. (shop advertising)
•• t y p i n g l i k e t h i s c a n b e a n n o y i n g.
•• AlSo ThIs cAn bE vErY AnNoYiNg.
•• DoNotChangeYourNicknameToSomethingSuperLong.

3. Swearing:

Swearing is allowed, but not excessively.

Example on all gamemodes:

Allowed: I’m a f%^# noob. 
Not allowed: You are a f&^%$ noob.
(Do not swear at others, call them names or insult them)

4. Chat Topics:

These topics are not allowed anywhere on the server:

•• Homicide
•• Suicide
•• Religion
•• Discussing and/or promoting drug usage
•• Racism (this includes any race-lives-matter).
We all matter!

Examples of allowed controversial topics:

• Abortion
• Vaccines
• Bullying
• Fascism
• Feminism
• Euthanasia
• Gun control
• Drinking age
• Animal rights
• Peer pressure
• Marriage equality
• Nuclear weapons
• Beauty pageants
• Trump Presidency
• Zoos and/or circus
• Global climate change
• Sex education (as a topic, not giving education in game.)

5. Vulgarity does not belong in chat

Dark /18+ jokes are allowed in moderation, on all gamemodes,
as long as it isn’t vulgar/gross/disgusting and/or insults any person, gender, race, etc. 

6. English only in main chat:

• Use /msg to speak other languages.
• Staff cannot be expected to translate every message and must be able to moderate the chat.

7. Impersonation:

• Do not impersonate the founder, staff or other players via the nick command or by changing your username.
• Do not use staff chat colours excessively to mini-staff / impersonate staff.

8. Begging:

No begging for items, ranks, teleports, player points, etc. either in main chat or in /msg.

9. Do not type in all CAPS:

This rule may include, but is not limited to the following:

Typing in Capital Letters (CAPS), i.e.
However, “HELLO EVERYONE” would be acceptable.

Global Rules

(These apply for all gamemodes on Quantum Galaxies)


1. Do not encourage or persuade any players to break the rules.

2. Do not use any unapproved mods


Please check our Official Approved and Unapproved Mods list!


• This includes X-ray, texture packs with X-ray, scripts such as Auto-join, Auto Clickers, etc.

3. Do not use any hack clients


• Do not joke about using a hack client. It is seen as admitting to hacking.
• Do not mention any hack (cheat) clients. 

4. Do not threaten to DDOS, or DOX another player.

5. Do not argue with Staff members. Staff decisions are final.

6. Do not lie to Staff

7. Do not evade mutes or bans.


Definition of Mute Evading:

Mute evading is when a player has been muted by staff for any reason and they still communicates in-game.

Forms of mute evading include, but are not limited to:

1. Using a new account (alt) to chat normally.
2. Using signs.
3. Renaming items.
4. Using /nick and /afk.
5. Using /mail send.
6. Renaming items and selling it on /ah to communicate.

Ban Evading:
Do not ban evade.

8. Do not abuse or exploit glitches


(This includes any glitch abuse, helping abuse glitches, and showing others how to abuse glitches)

9. Advertising.

Do not advertise links or servers not related to Quantum Galaxies.

(This also includes the following: YouTube channels/links, harmful links, anything related to other servers, social media, and links, in chat.)
• Blatantly Advertising Servers (join *** server, etc.)
• Do not steal (recruit) players or staff.
• Accidental Advertising (let’s go play on *** in MESSAGE).
• Accidental Advertising (let’s go play on *** in CHAT).
• Advertising full server IP and harmful links.
• Advertising Social Media, YouTube Channels/links of yourself or other server etc.
• Advertising a server in a name, i.e. QGalaxiesRock.

10. Do not use a VPN.

11. Do not buy, sell, or trade Minecraft accounts in-game or on the forums.


We do not encourage this, but if you want to trade, use Discord Direct Messages.

12. Do not mention your staff applications to any staff members or ask players to ‘like’ it.

13. Do not trade in-game items or money for real money.

14. Do not frame players of breaking the rules.

15. Do not attempt to bend, or twist the rules.

16. Do not scam.

• Any kind of scamming is forbidden.
• Scamming global (across server) items, such as rank/tag vouchers and player points are prohibited on all gamemodes.
• Putting fake/renamed items on /ah to alter the view of an item to make it more persuading to buy is also considered scamming.

Vanilla, Survival & Skyblock:


17. Do not TP trap or TP kill or attempt to kill if the player’s PvP is disabled.

Vanilla, Survival & Skyblock:


18. Do not grief or steal in claims/islands you are trusted/cooped in.

19. Inappropriate /nick name.

20. Inappropriate [non premium] In-game name/Username.

21. Spamming to /tpa.

22. Do not duplicate items.

23. Bypassing AFK kicks.

Neptune & Pluto ranked players can afk in gamemodes where AFK kicks apply.

No AFK pools, fishing, mining, etc is allowed.

24. Announcing staff in /vanish on pvp gamemodes.

Please do not announce/greet/expose staff in /vanish in pvp gamemodes.
They are mostly there to spectate hackers, who turn off the hacks or logout if they realize that staff is online.

25. Redstone, Mobs and auto-farms.

Anyone found building lag machines, useless clocks, observer clocks, or purposefully trying to harm the server with entities and/or redstone, are subject to a ban with the possibility of your entire base being demolished.

Ask an admin if you are unsure.

Purposely trying to harm/crash the server.

26. Inappropriate / Offensive / Nude Skins.

27. Server/Staff Disrespect.

28. Inappropriate Builds.

29. Guidelines for safe trading

You will NOT be compensated if you are the victim of a scam as there have been too many players in the past that set up fake scams in order to be compensated for things that they never truly had. When a scam is reported with good enough proof, we punish the guilty party accordingly unless we are able to get them to pay back whatever they have scammed.

Use /trade for safe trading.

30. PVP Guidelines (Vanilla)


PvP is on server wide, but can be toggled on and off per player using /pvp.
No tp killing, trapping or attempting to kill if PvP is disabled.
No spam killing yourself or others. This will be seen as spam and/or harassment.
No camping at a players’ home or base.
If you have PvP turned on, this means you have consented to PvP and as such we will not compensate any lost items due to PvP death.
If you don’t want to PvP, don’t toggle it on.

31. Entity Limitations (Skyblock, CityLife, Survival & Vanilla)\

There are two types of entities in Minecraft, Entities and Tile/Block Entities.

Definition 1: Entities

Dynamic, moving objects throughout a Minecraft world. Most can be seen when toggling hitboxes on via F3+B.
Maximum: 300 per area (the chunks loaded around you)

The following entities commonly effect or cause lag:

• Mobs
• Boats
• Players
• Paintings
• Primed TNT
• Item Frames
• Armor Stands 
• Items (floating)
• Minecarts and variations


Definition 2: Tile or Block Entities

Stores additional information about certain blocks, with the type of information varying by block.
An easy way to remember is that they store data, like banner design or text on a sign, or have an inventory slot.


Maximum: 2000 per area (the chunks loaded around you)

◘ This is an excessive amount and you may still be asked to reduce them.

• Hopper Specific Limitations
◘ 60 per chunk
◘ Usage in excess of 1500 per loaded area (is subject to inspection and removal)

Listed below are the tile entities that commonly affect lag.

These entities are not automatically limited. Please use your best estimation.

Admins have the ability to count tiles if needed.

• Sign
• Chest
• Banner
• Beacon
• Hopper
• Furnace
• Ender Chest
• Shulker Box
• Trapped Chest
• Brewing Stand
• Piston Extensions
• Mob/Player Heads
• Dispenser/Dropper
• Enchantment Table
• Redstone Comparator

For a full list and more information, click here.

32. Land Claiming (Vanilla & Survival)
Use the stick to check for nearby claims:


Right click a stick in the area you would like to claim. Do not claim if you get this message:
“Found 1 land claim”

You may only claim the land if you receive the following message:
“Found 0 land claims”


• No Griefing
◘ Do not alter someone else’s’ build without permission, even if it seems abandoned.
◘ Do not kill someone’s mobs without permission.
◘ Do not transport villagers from villages/or grief villages.


• No Raiding
◘ Do not steal from chests that are not yours, even if it seems abandoned.
• Do not claim someone else’s base.
• “Abandoned” buildings and claims are off-limits unless you have permission to remove it from the owner or an admin.
• If you didn’t build it, don’t touch it!
• Do not build within 200 blocks of a players base or a community area.

33. Do not kill another player’s pets.

Vanilla & Survival:


34. Villages may not be griefed/raided.


Claim the village or part of it until you can claim the entire village.
Do not steal/transport villagers. 



35. No teams bigger than 3 players.

The maximum members that can team at once, is 3. This means you can’t do 1 v 3.
2 vs 3 is allowed, but not encouraged. We prefer if friends create gangs and use the gang arenas to fight other gangs or not team at all.



36. Gangs may not PvP solo players and max 6 players per gang allowed.


Gangs can have a maximum of 6 players per gang. Use /gang commands to create gangs, initiate a gang fight and use the gang arenas when fighting another gang. 

If your gang members aren’t online, you may pvp on the normal map against solo players. You and 2 other gang members may team against other teams on the normal map, but no more than 3 players may team. We do not encourage teaming at all on the normal map. 

37. Account sharing is NO LONGER ALLOWED.


We have come to the conclusion that account sharing provides a significant disadvantage to others and inflates the eco drastically. Anyone caught account sharing from this release and onward will be subject to the following punishments.

38. Asking new players to sell points (gamepoints or playerpoints)


This will now be considered scamming. New players are mostly unaware of what points are and what they are used for and instead of helping them understand what it is for, some players scam them into selling them for basically nothing.

39. Pestering players


Do not private message and/or continuously ask players the same questions, such as “are you selling this/that?”. 

Ask these types of questions in general/global chat and if you have been answered, don’t ask again. Don’t ask them “why?” etc.

Do not irritate or annoy players in any other way or disrupt the peace.

40. Discord in-game chat


If you have a history of pestering players, disrupting the peace or 







you will be removed from the in-game channels without warning or explanation. 


If players have you on /ignore in-game and you use these channels to communicate with them, you can be removed from these channels. You don’t need an explanation why you are ignored. It is their right and choice. 

All punishments are subject to change depending on the frequency/severity of the offense.

See rules with punishments here.



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