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by WolveCry » 7 months ago

Overview of the Media Team (Read before applying):

Our Media Team is a combination of Public Relations and Social Media Management.

◘ Public Relations is the way Quantum Galaxies is displayed to the rest of the world. Public relations can be done via marketing, strategic communication and just building relationships with the community in general. 

◘ Social Media Management is the process of managing our social media presence on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Planet Minecraft, Engin Forums, etc. as well as engaging and interacting with social media users. 

The Media Team's duties will include (but are not limited to):

• Collecting and viewing videos from our Content Creators.
• Taking screenshots regularly to post on Social Media. 
• Write articles about 
Quantum Galaxies for social media posts. 
• Interact with the community. 
• Be a community leader. 

Media Team Members have access to:

○ Media Team Discord Channel (for communication and organization).
○ Media-Team In-Game tag (suffix), not a rank.
○ Media Team Discord role.
○ Senior Team Members will have access to Social Media platforms.

Application Requirements:

◘ Fluent in English.
◘ Good communication skills.
◘ Good editing & writing skills. 
◘ High maturity and friendliness.
◘ Must have Discord and be able to do voice calls from time to time.

Application Format: (Copy + Paste the questions below and create a new thread under this Heading)

1. Your Minecraft Username:
2. Your Discord name (tag):
3. Your timezone and location:
4. Staff Reference (staff who knows you):
5. Age (17+):
6. Are you willing to invest a reasonable amount of effort into this team?:
7. Give some ideas of how you will help the team (with details):
8. Why do you think you're qualified for this position over any other applicants?:
9. Write a short essay (100 words) about 
Quantum Galaxies (to show your writing skills). 
10. Include 1 edited screenshot (with words) to show your editing skills. 
11. Do you have a mic and will you be able to join voice calls?
12. Any additional information that might assist your application. 

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