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Overview of the Events Team (Read before applying):

Do you enjoy cultivating ideas, problem solving, and creating fun events? If so, then continue reading!

The Events Team is for players and staff alike who want to make an impact on the server using their creativity. It provides you with a platform to help create and innovate for the server, as well as interact with other players and staff. Assisting on this team will help make the server better, as well as make a lot of other players happy! You’ll be able to see the effects of your work in real time. It will also provide some experience for yourself in categories such as teamwork, coordination, communication, and critical thinking.

The Events Team duties will include (but are not limited to):

The Events Team is responsible for planning events, thinking of new event ideas, and making sure events run smoothly. It will be your responsibility as an Events Team Member to contribute to the success of our events. Therefor, you will have to be able to dedicate time for planning, to work with the team and to be available for questions and guidance, especially when events are taking place.

○ Brainstorming new event ideas for events.
○ Determining rules and regulations to ensure the events have no loopholes.
○ Thinking about how events can actually be implemented into Minecraft and/or Discord.
○ Building, coding in command blocks or plug-ins, and/or testing events.


◘ Not every single point listed above will apply to everyone. You may have a specific role on the team depending upon your skill set, such as generating fun event ideas, or just coding if you really enjoy coding. They are just some generalized tasks that we will be working on as a team!

◘ Being an 
Events Team Member is not an official staffing position for Quantum Galaxies but more of an overall volunteer position for helping the server and community as a whole. There is no playtime requirement for this position, only effort dedicated to your role. The requirements and responsibilities are not the same as for staff, but we will take into account your overall respectfulness to players and the community while you’re a part of the team. 

◘ We may deny your application for a number of reason, even if you are staff currently. Please do not take this personally. 

Events Team Members have access to:

○ Events Team Discord Channel (for communication and organization).
○ Events-Team In-Game tag (suffix), not a rank.
○ Events-Team Discord role.

Application Requirements:

○ Must have Discord and be able to do voice calls from time to time.
○ Be truthful on your application; i.e, your age, history, knowledge, etc.
○ Don't post anything other than an application and only answer what is asked. 
○ Be available to help out the team and attend events frequently.
○ Current staff members have to follow the same application/procedure as anyone else.
○ You will be contacted by me (Wolve#9984) on Discord if your application is considered. You will then have to give a full briefing of a well thought and planned out event. If your idea and planning seems good, you will become a part of the team. 

◘ If we find out you did not follow any of the above requirements your application/post will be considered void and will get deleted.
◘ Further action and punishments will be placed for continuous offenders.

Application Format: (Copy + Paste the questions below and create a new thread under this Heading)

1. Have you read and understood the words above (yes/no):
2. Minecraft IGN and Discord full name:
3. Staff Reference (staff who knows you):
4. Location and timezone:
5. Age (No specific requirement):
6. Are you willing to invest a reasonable amount of effort into this team?:
7. What are your strengths pertaining to events? (Coding, Building, Brainstorming, etc)? Please elaborate on your experience or knowledge (50 words MINIMUM):
8. How you could benefit the Events Team? (100 words MINIMUM):
9. What is your motivation for applying for this team? (100 words MINIMUM):
10. Have you ever been banned before? Why?:
11. Do you have a mic and will you be able to join voice calls?
12. Explain how you have worked in teams before (50 words MINIMUM):
13. Additional info you would like to tell us?: (100 words MAXIMUM):

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