Survival Emerald Tutorial

Version: The main version is 1.18.1
Supports: 1.8.9 – latest
Recommended Version: 1.18.1

How did we decide what to add and what not?

This was really not an easy decision, because some of you wanted more plugins, some wanted less (more vanilla). Some wanted a server shop, others didn’t even want a currency. Some wanted players to be able to make shops, and others didn’t even want the playerwarp or playershop plugins. Some wanted grief prevention, some didnt.


But one thing that was constant, is that players want fewer huge farms and more activity. We hope that what we decided on, will result in that.

How to get started:

You will join Survival 1.18 with 1000 €, 200 claimblocks, as well as some first-join items. You can type /kits to open the kits menu and select your available kit/s. You will notice that the kits are very different from the other gamemodes. This is because we try to keep each gamemode unique.


Type /rtp (random teleport) to teleport you into the wild. From there you can find a place to claim. The map is 15000 x -15000 and the End and Nether are both 10000 x -10000. The rtp area is 7500 x -7500. It is advised to claim outside the rtp area, which can become overcrowded real quick.


But wait.. there’s more!


If you look at /warps, you will notice Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus warps. These are resource only worlds. They are all custom. From 1000 x 1000 to 5000 x 5000. Some are OP rich in resources and others not so much.

Note.. you cannot claim here and you cannot build here. So if you find yourself stuck, you will need to either fly or warp/tp out.


When you warp to these worlds, the spawn points are protected for about 100 blocks, so you need to walk/fly out before you start collecting resources. For some of the resources, a silk pickaxe is advised.


You start with 200 claimblocks. Claim a piece of land and /sethome as soon as you can. You can claim land by right clicking with the golden shovel on a block and right click on the opposite side of an area again to claim the middle blocks.


The first time you place a chest, it will automatically create a 9×9 claim surrounding the chest. 

On the sidebar [scoreboard], you will notice money/cash currency [€], playerpoints and a new currency, called gamepoints.

How to get currencies:

€┃$ Money Currency

This is the main currency and you can get it from voting, as playtime rewards, from jobs and participating in fights against mobs in the Mob-arena. Players also sell playerpoints in game via the /points pay (name) (amount) command, for an agreed upon in-game amount of money. Other than that, players can sell anything on /ah and create a chest-shop. This is the currency used in the chest-shops.


Playerpoints is a global currency throughout the server, but can have different in-game value depending on the gamemode. On each site/url you vote, you will receive Playerpoints (usually referred to as PP by players). You can earn between 1-5 playerpoints from each vote sit. You can buy ranks, fly vouchers and tags with playerpoints by using the /pointsshop. You can also use /trade and pay with playerpoints.


You can get GamePoints from crates [vote & legendary] and kits. With gamepoints you can buy claimblocks, more jobs, sethomes & most important... you can purchase 2 different vouchers which you can trade in with Wolve for a 10€ & 25€ Buycraft Coupon to use on the store. Type /gpointshop to access this shop. Note: These vouchers cannot be combined and added together. Only 1 voucher per store purchase can be used (no exceptions).

What is on Emerald Survival?

Currency luckyblocks are only available from vote & donation crates, as well as from the /pointsshop. Luckyblocks give in-game items, such as blocks and tools, but can also be very unlucky blocks and drop things on you, spawn a boss, etc. Use with caution!
Mobs take revenge
Besides Mojang's additions, we have passive mobs fighting back now. They will leave you alone unless you punch them around. Then they will take revenge. So make sure you have a sword ready for your steak.
Skills and Abilities
There are 15 skills, each of which has a unique combination of two stats that it rewards. Level up skills by gaining XP by doing certain actions depending on the skill. All skills are easily viewable in GUI inventory menus, accessible using /skills. Abilities are perks and buffs that you unlock and level up as you level up skills. Each skill has up to 5 abilities, giving many different perks. There are 70 abilities in total. An example of one: Bountiful Harvest (Farming): Chance to get double drops from crops.
A mini-chest spawns when and where you die. Only the original owner of the inventory can access/break it (chest-lock). The lock is set for 1 hour. After this time, everyone can access the chest. Staff will not teleport players to their chests and if someone gets your loot (after the hour), they will not be punished.
Player can use /dback or /deathback but is charged 500€.
• Griefing and raiding is never allowed, even if it seems the base is abandoned or if the player is banned. • Villages may not be griefed/raided. Claim the village or part of it until you can claim the entire village. • Do not kill, steal or transport villagers.
Click on the Jobs NPC at Spawn or use /jobs browse to get started. Levelling mechanic where higher level jobs will give higher incomes. Income earned = experience gained. Do /jobs gtop to see stats.
Ban & Kick from claims
We all know that one guy who outstays their welcome... The guy who just won't leave your base. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Players with permission, can use /kickfromclaim [player] and also /kickpet. This is useful for when someone tp's to you with all their pets. Players with permission can also do /banfromclaim [player] or /banfromclaimlist.
This adds some depth, emotion or just silliness to the server. Complete list of feelings: hug, slap, poke, highfive, yell, facepalm, bite, lick, snuggle, shake⠀, stab, kiss, punch, murder, dab, boi, cry, pat, scorn, stalk.
You can select any of the kits by clicking on the sign on the wall. To start, click the iron block. You can also team with others. All players have to click the block to start. There are different waves of mobs and the bosses get stronger the longer you remain alive. This will level up your /jobs Hunter job real quick, as well as your "kill" skill, but unfortunately you won't get paid for the Hunting job [you'll only level up]. You receive different items, money and exp while fighting the mobs. You keep all of that, unless your rank does not keep exp upon death, then you won't keep the exp.
Warp PvP
This is a warp especially for Pvping. It has no special plugins, such as combat logging, etc. Simply because we don't want to make Survival a pvp gamemode. If you and a friend [or foe] agrees to pvp and warp there, we will not return any items if you die and it means you consented to pvping.
Catch mobs with "capsules"
This is such a nice feature. No more leads! You can purchase special "capsules" with points or get them from crates or /kits and throw (right click) the mob with the 'capsule'. It has a 33% per mob catch chance. How do you catch them? The mob disappears and "drops" a spawn egg, which you can spawn wherever you want.
Besides catching mobs with capsules, you can pick some up by right clicking and carry them around (and even throw them). A list of which mobs can be picked up by each rank is listed below. Don't be fooled by the "villager". It is basically impossible to see where you're going if you have picked it up.. but, the option is there.
Party and Friends
Players can type /friendsgui to open the GUI. Add friends and make parties. Use /friendsettings to toggle all your own settings.
Or poop. You can feed an animal until it poops and pick it up and use instead of bonemeal.
One click woodcutting
Neptune Rank can cut down the entire tree [wood] by hitting the bottom block.
You can marry (without a pries), adopt and set your gender. At the moment, Male, Female and Other is available. Family chat is a private chat channel. Venus Rank can propose, marry, divorce. And Earth Rank can adopt, disown and use family chat. Mars can set genders and use family. Type /fm help for commands.
Babies forever
Right clicking on a baby animal with a milk bucket will show heart particles, meaning the baby will suspend its growth and will keep its cute littleness forever. Right clicking a baby whose growth has been halted with a mushroom stew reverts this. It will show green particles, and the baby will continue to age as normal.
Silk Spawning
You will not be able to mine spawners [without a special store-bought pickaxe]. But don't worry, you can get store coupons from voting and buy the pickaxe. We decided to do this so that you can claim the area around the spawner and no big mob grinders are build. We also ask players with the special Silk tool not to mine spawners for everyone.
End and Nether
The End and Nether will reset every 2-3 months. So it is advised not to make farms there. However, you are welcome to, but it will be removed when the End and Nether resets.
Villagers aren't killed by zombies, drowned and husks. They will always convert to zombie villagers. Worst case scenario is that the player can heal them.
Revive dying players
A player might go "down" after a mob attack and Earth Rank+ can "revive" them. When you go down, you have 30 seconds of invulnerability and 60 seconds to be revived. Revive a player by standing really close to them, holding sneak and right clicking on their head while they are down. The dying player can crawl around (away from mobs during the invulnerability period), can't use commands, but can sneak to kill themselves.

How to rankup

axolotl (2)

• When you /vote in game, you receive keys which you can use at /warp crates. In the crates are rank-vouchers. So by voting, you stand a chance to win free ranks.


• If you already have the rank you won, or have a higher rank than the rank-voucher, you can sell the voucher for in-game currency. Use /ah or /trade or advertise on Discord, #market-square channel.


• You can buy ranks from /pointsshop from the points you receive from voting. 


• Additionally, you can support the server by purchasing ranks (and other items) at our donations store.

What do you receive when you vote?

♡ On each site you vote, you will receive vote keys in game to use at /warp crates on all gamemodes.
♡ You also receive player-points, which can be used to buy any items in-game which players might be selling, such as fly vouchers and ranks. Player-points are worth a lot, because they are rare and very useful.
♡ You will also receive a Collectable key from voting on McLike.
♡ You receive money from voting and also from the crates.
♡ See /pointsshop for the server’s pointsshop.

Can I have a Player Warp?

☻ You can create a player warp by typing /pw set [name] where you want the warp to be.

☻ Warps costs 1000 to set and you have to rent your warp for 30 days. You will be prompted on day 29 to renew your warp. Rent is 500 per month. If you do not renew it, your warp will expire.

☻ When a player is offline for longer than 90 days, their warps will be purged/removed automatically.

☻ Type /pwarp help for a list of all the playerwarp commands.

Can I have a Chest-Shop?

♦ You can create a chest-shop to sell any items.
♦ To view the example, do /warp playershoptutorial.

How do I get Spawners?

• In mineshafts, strongholds, and in the nether, but they can only be mined with a special pickaxe.
• You can get spawners from the crates.
• Legendary crate keys are available only from the donations store and sometimes sold by a player who bought it from the /store.
• Remember to check /ah or /pwarp to check out player shops.

Useful Information:



/guide opens the Server Guide.
/sethome to set a home.
/delhome to delete a home.
/abandonclaim to abandon your claim.
/expandclaim to enlarge your claim.
/pv [number] to store valuable items.
/store for the store url.
/vote for the vote url.
/buy for a quick store view.
/discord for Discord url.
/pwarp to open the Player Warps GUI
/sit to sit wherever you are
[money] to show your balance in chat
[inv] to show your inventory
[ender] to show your enderchest
[item] to show the item in your hand
/kit (rank), /kit claim, /kit starter to get kits.
/trust and /untrust to trust/untrust players on your claim.
/claimlist to see existing claims and available claimblocks
[/guide] or any other command typed within [] can be copied when clicked on.
Skills permissions: /skills, /skill top [skill], /abtoggle [toggles your action bar]


For 100% safe trading, use /trade [name]. You can trade with money, experience, playerpoints and any item. Do not use any other method for trading, since you can scam or be scammed (which is bannable).