Discord Rules

Please ensure that you abide by these rules in order to help us keep the community free from bullying, toxicity and spamming!

Our rules are general guidelines, so note that consequences may still occur if you do something you don’t feel you should be doing. Note that you must follow Discord’s guidelines. Failure to do so may result in an immediate punishment – discordapp.com/guidelines.

1. Critical Offenses

Will be met with an immediate ban.

Anyone causing harm to the server or attempting to do so by:

 Posting NSFW content such as pornographic images.
 Participating, supporting and/or enabling a server raid.
 Advertising other guilds or personal social media without permission.
 Sharing any material that could be harmful to users, such as viruses and links to malicious websites.

2. Injustice and Cheating

In order to prevent injustice towards members and the server, the following rules should be observed:

 Members using auto-posting tools such as bots, macros and scripts will be met with an immediate ban.
 Members encouraging the use, distribution, and possession of game cheats or hacks will be met with an immediate ban.

3. Disrupting the social environment

For the sake of maintaining a pleasant, positive environment, members showing behaviours of the following natures could result in the related content being removed and the offender muted, kicked or banned depending on severity:

 Unsolicited catcalling, harassment, or perversions are strictly forbidden.
 Spam mentioning/pinging users in any chat, especially so for members of the staff team.
 Spamming, excessive-posting, excessive emote-posting over multiple messages, as well as posting excessively long messages must be avoided.
 Unsolicited advertising for different servers or products. (Content relating to Quantum Galaxies are not subject to this rule, common sense should be used here.)
 Negativity such as racism, swearing/harassment, self-harm, violence, etc. and other attempts to instigate negative reactions and/or throwing shades/derogatory remarks towards staff members.

4. Channel-Specific Content

 Users should be mindful of the differences between channels.
 English should be the only language used in all conversations.
 Other languages can be posted in the #multilingual channel.
 Channel guidelines or topics should be followed and respected. Users that repeatedly post rule-breaking content (outside of the designated channels) will be muted, kicked or banned depending on severity.
 Sensitive topics (such as politics, religion, etc.) are extremely discouraged. This is to lessen inappropriate debates and arguments. Pornographic/inappropriately ualized content is not to be posted in any channels.
 The chat must be kept relevant to the channel topic. Meaningless chatter, repeated messages with no added value, or spam (outside of appropriate channels) should be avoided.

5. Other Regulations

Here are some other regulatory rules that should be observed:

 Your profile picture must not contain NSFW content.
 Impersonation of staff members, including moderators and administrators is strictly forbidden.
 Staffs reserve the right to use their own discretion regardless of any rule. Any decisions made by the Admins [and higher staff] are considered final.
 Your name shouldn’t be invisible, contain illegible symbols, wingdings, or otherwise obstruct view of chat, nor should it contain racism and other such contents. Offending users will have their names forcibly changed.

To maintain a positive atmosphere in the server, these rules are reviewed by staff members periodically and updated accordingly.



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