CityLife Gamemode Tutorial

Version: The main version is 1.16.5
Supports: 1.8.9 – latest
Recommended Version: 1.16.5

How to get started?

○ You will join with a ‘first time join kit’ no matter your rank. 
○ This includes: $5000, an iPhone, weapons and 1 Hour Passivemode. 
○ The money is in your Bank, so you will need to locate an ATM to withdraw it. 
○ By default your Passivemode is toggled ON. You can toggle it using /psmd toggle. 

At spawn are a few holograms. It is advised to read them all. There is also a NPC called “starter info” which has some useful information. You should also find the Library and check out all the information it has to offer. The more you know about the City, the less you’ll get mugged or worse

Use your iPhone, go to Contacts and Taxi Services and travel around. Buy food and water, find a job and an affordable apartment. You have enough starter money to have a decent start. You can decorate the inside of your apartment entirely as you desire. 

Server Shop and Player Shops:

◘ You can find the shopkeeper at IKEA. She sells some nice items and also buy some stuff you want to get rid of (drops, etc.)

◘ The scrapdealer at the Jewelry and Ammo stores will buy old armor, ammo and even food. 

◘ You can use the taxi to go to the NPC for a ChestshopTutorial and rent one of the shops in Ikea or find another empty region where you can build your own shop. Chestshop chests are protected. 


♦ CityLife is a city and cities are dangerous. Your chests aren’t safe, even if they’re in your rented region. There are 2 ways of protecting them: 
1. Put a [Private] sign on them (just put any sign on it by right clicking on it). 
2. If your chests are inside a rented building, make sure to have your doors closed at all times. 

♦ You can die. Yes, you’re not immortal and you’ll discover there are many other ways to die besides just the walking dead. One of them are by other players. Wait what? 
1. Add Passivemode time by /voting, buying from the /pointsshop or the /store. 
2. Don’t AFK at unsafe places. Close the doors and windows. 
3. Wear enchanted jewelry and get good weaponry at the Ammo dealer. 
4. Use your /pv and /enderchest to protect valuables. 

♦ Currently we only have 12 farms/large plots within the city region. This means that you can make FARMS, but not mob grinders, because mobs wont spawn in the city region. 2 of these farms have villages on them. First come, first serve! 

♦ We have about 3 or 4 farms/plots outside the city region, but will add 8 more soon. On these regions anything will spawn and you will be able to place spawners. Again, first come, first serve!

♦ We are not going to have more than 30 farms/plots in total, because this is CityLife. If you want to make huge farms, join /skyblock 🙂

♦ You can do /kits to see what your rank’s kit consist of and can claim it and sell it to the Scrapdealer, if you’re not going to use it. 

♦ ♦ ♦ CityLlife has no “anti griefing” plugin. This doesn’t mean you have to or should grief the world. All it means is that you can’t claim anything outside of the already set up regions (the city and surrounding farms). You can’t claim a village, a spawner, an ocean monument or anything else. You can /sethome and go there whenever you want, but if you built there and it got griefed, no one will get punished. Feel free to build obsidian bases or underground, but don’t complain if they get griefed.

♦ All the rented regions are set to 7 days onlyThe contract will auto renew by default! However, if you do not login to pay your rent in time, it will get cleared. Yes, that is scary, so remember to pay on time. (chests and everything else are automatically removed by the plugin)

♦ If your shop, storage space, farm or home has too many entities and are causing lag, you will be asked to reduce it.

♦ You can find any resources either in the server shop, or use the taxi to go to the wild (there are different regions to visit). Sethome for yourself and collect resources for your shop/s. Supply players with anything that isn’t in the shops already by renting a shop at the Mall, and setting up a playershop. 

♦ CityLife has it’s own texturepack. And honestly, it’s not worth playing it without it, or on any lower version than 1.16. But it’s up to you. If you don’t install the texture pack at the first join, you can type /texturepack in game for the download link. 

♦ ♦ ♦  There are a lot of helpful messages in chat and everything is explained on the gamemode itself. Use the iPhone, read the messages in chat, visit the Library and/or ask on Discord if you have any questions. 

Have fun! 



Quantum Galaxies Founder

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