Quantum Galaxies

QG is a Survival Multiplayer [SMP] Minecraft Network.

It was made by friends to play together on an updated server. We focus on listening to the community’s suggestions doing regular events (player and server hosted) as well as give-aways. We take pride in setting up high quality, updated gamemodes. 

Our community may be small, but we’re a close-knit, family friendly 

and caring server.

Free for All

QG will always be free for everyone. 

Players can easily rank-up using in game currency, which they are rewarded with when voting for the server, or they can purchase ranks from other players, using in-game currency.
However, we have the usual expenses, such as hosting, anti-ddos protection, plugins, domain, website and webstore costs, etc. and for that reason we strongly depend on player donations. 

Thank you for each donation. Donations are keeping the server alive. 


Why choose QG?

QG is still small enough to know each player by name. Our community is very warm and accepting and newbies make friends very easily and fit right in. 

We strongly discourage bullying, name calling and toxicity.

Even though many players are young, they are kind and caring. 

Besides our small, but welcoming community, see a list of other benefits we offer. 


We are always "open". Spanning over every major contintent, rest assured that there's always someone around!

Always Growing

We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to have fun with our community! We want to hear from you, so talk to us!

Contests & Give-Aways

We have been hosting various give-aways on Discord and events in game. Remember to join us on Discord!

Vote Links

Please vote for QG to receive in-game rewards, such as points [that you can buy ranks with], fly, passive mode, money and lots more. 

By voting for us, we also rank up on the vote sites and draw new players. 

Your votes are super important and appreciated. 

Current Gamemodes

At the moment we have the following gamemodes, however, we are updating,  and making changes, as we “speak”.

Copy to Play: play.quantum-mc.net

Survival Diamond
Survival Emerald
Survival Netherite

3 Survivals to choose from

From Vanilla to Custom OP Survival

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